SideTripp is:

   Stelle Amor, Kris Bradley, & Justin Merrill

  •    All songs produced by SideTripp

  •    Engineered by SideTripp

  •    Mixed by Justin Merrill and Jim Kaufman


     Written by SideTripp

  • Additional drums and programming- Jared Scott

  • Rhodes and Organ- Jack Maeby

  • String arrangement- Nathan Drube

Fade To Black

    Written by SideTripp, Jim Kaufman, and Blue Foley

  • Guitar- Josh Kennedy

  • Trumpet Solo- Ben Adamson


Break Me Down

     Written by SideTripp

  • Additional drums and programming- Jared Scott

  • Rhodes- Jack Maeby

  • Strings- Laura Karpman


     Written by SideTripp

  • Live Drums and Percussion- Matt Gendal

  • Bass- Stephen Zipper

  • Xylophone- Justin Merrill

  • Rhodes, Organ, Piano- Jack Maeby

  • Guitar- Kris Bradley

  • String Arrangement- Nathan Drube

Not So Happy Ending

    Written by SideTripp

  • Drums, Keys, Additional vocals and Arrangement- Heavy Young Heathens

  • Percussion- Matt Gendal

  • Upright Bass- Solomon Walker

  • Organ, Piano, Rhodes- Jack Maeby

Bad News, Bye Bye

  Written by SideTripp

  • Percussion- Matt Gendal

  • Piano- Jack Maeby

  • Strings- Mitch Kenny


SideTripp would like  to say  THANK YOU-

To our families, friends, fans and everyone who has supported this project. Special thanks to all the musicians and visionaries that contributed to this project, Jim Kaufman, Blue Foley, Jack Maeby, Victor Reyes, Aron and Bob Mardo, Sydney Maxine, Samir Osman Photography, Bobby Campbell, Mandy Brooke and control room studios.